Welcome to the world of excitement with Swandor Hotels & Resorts


Swandor Hotels & Resorts is an award-winning hotel group operating in 5 countries offering comfortable accommodation possibilities at affordable prices. Brands operating under Swandor Group: PGS, DESSOLE and WOOVO. Both brands and all hotels have the same goal: deliver excellent service, remarkable value and high guest satisfaction level.


Take a trip to the world of flavours with Swandor Hotels & Resorts. Expert chefs, unique mouth-watering flavours will amaze you. Knowledge, experience; carefully selected tastes, different insights and modern presentations add wonder to the table. “A la carte” restaurants with different concepts offer carefully selected flavour examples from different world cuisines.

Hot or cold, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, the most popular teas and coffees, and very special cocktails add colour to the world of Swandor Hotels & Resorts.


Swandor Hotels & Resorts offers a unique SPA experience that guests will never forget. The professional hands of our SPA specialists introduces you to the miraculous effects of the world’s most important and healthy massages. Massages made by expert masseurs give your body vitality.

The world of Swandor Hotels & Resorts offers fitness experience in spacious areas for those who want to keep the form.

In Turkish Bath you will feel that all your skin is breathing and as light as a bubble after a special foam massage. Get rid of stress and tiredness at our sauna and feel lightness and relaxation.


In the fun-filled world of Swandor Hotels & Resorts you will be amazed with our DJ performances, themed parties and visual shows. Here you do not need to worry about anything – just have fun!

Extraordinary performances, modern music, unique talents and technology comes in one here. Fun at Swandor Hotels & Resorts has no place or time limits. Night or day, every hour of a day our activities bring joy to your holiday. Days get brighter with our activities.


Children are the most precious guests of Swandor Hotels & Resorts. Kids Club, established within the Swandor Hotels & Resorts, provides a happy experience for both children and parents. Children continue to learn while enjoying special activities and games in colourful secure areas specially designed for them, in the presence of expert animators.